I like to travel on my Moped

Have a look around, in 2018 I traveled from Mongolia to Austria and am still writing blogposts and editing videos.
Maybe you'd like to watch some videos or read about my trips.

I post videos from my trips on youtube, click the Playbutton to go check them out!

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Maxi Touring
Maxi Touring
Das nächste Video ist online, kalte Temperaturen und ordentlicher Wind waren auch auf diesem Teil der Strecke meine Begleiter. Und auch dieses mal ging es wieder über Sandpisten, oder auch auf der Baustelle, die wenigstens glatt war. Und ich sehe auch die ersten Kamele auf der Reise.

Next Video is online, also on this part of the tour cold temperatures and strong winds followed me. Also features a bunch of asphalt-free driving over Sandtracks, or the Construction sites of new Roads. I even saw the first Camels of the trip.

Maxi Touring
Maxi Touring
Maxi Touring
Eine Woche ist rum und heut gibt es das nächste Video, dort gehts jetzt richtig los. Und gleich am zweiten Tag geht auch schon der Asphalt aus, heikle Sandpassagen inklusive. Aber seht für euch selbst. Gerne höre ich mir auch euer Feedback an, bzw würde ich mich freuen, wenn ihr den Kanal auch abonniert.

After a week I have the next video for you. This is where the Action finally starts, on the second day I the Asphalt suddenly runs out and I have to ride the well known mongolian dirt roads. But have a look yourself, btw I am always open for feedback and if you like what you see, please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

Maxi Touring
Puch Moped going offroad in Mongolia! | Maxi Touring travel from Mongolia to Austria
It's finally time to leave Ulanbaataar and head west into the wild Mongolian Steppe and Mountains. It is also the first time riding my bike offroad and in Sa...
Maxi Touring
Maxi Touring
(english below) gestern hab ichs ja schon mal angekündigt und jetzt isses soweit ab heute kommen die ersten Videos der Tour online. Nr 1 Heute, dabei gehts hauptsächlich um meine Zeit in Ulanbaataar wo ich alles fertig mache. Im Video nächste Woche gehts dann mit der Fahrt so richtig los, also wenn ihr nichts verpassen wollt abonniert den Kanal.

I teased it a bit yesterday, and now it's here, the first video from my trip. No 1 is mostly about my time in Ulanbator getting everything ready for departure, in next weeks video I actually start driving back home. So don't forget to subscribe if you don't want to miss it.

Maxi Touring
From Mongolia to Austria on a 50cc Moped | Maxi Touring the ultimate Adventure
A 13.000km 3 Month adventure from Mongolia to Austria using a small 50cc Puch Maxi Moped. No this is not a big Adventurebike but yes I had a lot of fun on th...
Maxi Touring
Maxi Touring
(English text below) Schon wieder ein blogpost? So langsam wirds ja, diesmal darf ich euch unter anderem den mental belastendsten Tag vorstellen und das "nur" wegen einer kleinen Reifenpanne, aber lest selbst. Weiters wird es diese Woche noch etwas zusätzliches geben aber dazu morgen mehr.

What is this? A new post after only 4 days? Sure, I'm slowly getting closer to the end of my travel diary. However this time you can have an insight into the psychologically most challenging day, that was "just" caused by a little puncture, but read it yourself. Furthermore there will be another surprise this Week, but come back tomorrow for that one.

Hier lesen / read here:

The Long Way Home 2018

I traveled from Ulanbaataar in Mongolia all the Way back to Austria, in total 13.000km (over 8000 Miles) over the duration of 3 Months. 10.000km of these were exclusively ridden on my Puch Maxi, and about 3000 on a small Honda C50 as my Moped was just not powerful enough to drive around the Pamir Mountains.

Some brief Stats about my Adventure Bike


Built in 1977 it is as old as the first Star Wars Movie, over 40 years old now.


A poorly-done custom black and orange paintjob from the previous owner really makes this machine shine. And looks more like a KTM than a PUCH.

Motor and Speed

The 50cc Motor is able to accelerate this Vehicle up to a maximum of 45km/h (28mph)

The Sponsors

A Huge "Thank You!" to the companies which decided to generously provide me with gear and spare parts for my trip. Please click on their Logos and visit their Homepages, they deserve it!