I like to travel on my Moped

Have a look around, in 2018 I traveled from Mongolia to Austria and am still writing blogposts and editing videos.
Maybe you'd like to watch some videos or read about my trips.

I post videos from my trips on youtube, click the Playbutton to go check them out!

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Maxi Touring
Maxi Touring
Neues video ist online! Es gilt die Ukraine zu durchqueren und auch die ersten Kilometer in der EU zu fahren. Für mich damals angenehm fürs video weniger interessant gab es erstmals keine wirklichen Problemchen unterwegs. Außerdem schaffe ich es endlich meine mehrere wochen alte fermentierte Pferdemilch zu probieren, wie das ausging kann man sich fast denken.

Another video is online! In this one I cross Ukraine and drive my first kilometers in the EU. Luckily for me back then, but less interesting for the video I didn't have any major issues, however my trying my several weeks old fermented horsemilk from kyrgyzstan should provide enough entertainment.

Watch here/ hier ansehen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIb23lQpvRI&t
Maxi Touring
Maxi Touring
Maxi Touring
Endlich hatte ich Russland erreicht und auch gleich schon den ersten Platten der Tour kassiert, näheres gibts im Video.

Finally I had reached Russia and was greeted with my first flat tire, see more in the video.

watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy1ZlgXplzs
Maxi Touring
Maxi Touring
Neues Video online! Durch die Kasachische Steppe und diesmal gibts auch ein paar Probleme an der Maxi, eine kaputte Kupplung und einen kaputten Kondensator (dafür hatte ich keinen Ersatz dabei). Wie ich das Problem löse seht ihr im Video.

What a time to be alive! A new video is online, further through the Kazakh steppe and not without some problems on the moped. The clutch breaks and a capacitor (for that one I didn't have a spare). Watch the video to see how i solved the Problem.

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGW3VtFD2jc
Maxi Touring
Maxi Touring
Maxi Touring
Es hat mal wieder gedauert, leider ist mir einiges dazwischen gekommen. Aber das nächste video ist fertig. Durch Kirgisistan und teile von Kasachstan, und die Puch Maxi ist auch wieder zurück.

It took a while, had a lot of things get in my way. But the next video is finished. I ride through Kyrgyzstan and parts of Kazakhstan and the Puch Maxi is finally back again.

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qta10RxgyfQ
Maxi Touring

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Some brief Stats about my Adventure Bike


Built in 1977 it is as old as the first Star Wars Movie, over 40 years old now.


A poorly-done custom black and orange paintjob from the previous owner really makes this machine shine. And looks more like a KTM than a PUCH.

Motor and Speed

The 50cc Motor is able to accelerate this Vehicle up to a maximum of 45km/h (28mph)

The Sponsors

A Huge "Thank You!" to the companies which decided to generously provide me with gear and spare parts for my trip. Please click on their Logos and visit their Homepages, they deserve it!