I like to travel on my Moped

Have a look around, in 2018 I traveled from Mongolia to Austria and in 2019 from Austria to Tunisia and back.
Maybe you'd like to watch some videos or read about my trips.

I post videos from my trips on youtube, click the Playbutton to go check them out!

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You want to read about current, past our future travels? Go to the Blog Page

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km travelled by moped
Countries visited by moped
Flat tires

Some brief Stats about my Adventure Bike


Built in 1977 it is as old as the first Star Wars Movie, over 40 years old now.


A poorly-done custom black and orange paintjob from the previous owner really makes this machine shine. And looks more like a KTM than a PUCH.

Motor and Speed

The 50cc Motor is able to accelerate this Vehicle up to a maximum of 45km/h (28mph)

The Sponsors

A Huge "Thank You!" to the companies which decided to generously provide me with gear and spare parts for my trip. Please click on their Logos and visit their Homepages, they deserve it!